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Education & More at Your Wrist

Caroline E.


In the near future, you can learn anything, anywhere through your fashionable Edu-band. This wristband is continuously connected to the internet to provide information, education, news, games, reminders & more. It taps the endless resources & education from the cloud. It takes any teacher or professor's lessons & play them at will in a holographic image in front of you. You can cover most of a school day with relevant current events, extra examples, quotes and related info tied in. The lessons are visually stimulating and so interesting you recall much more of the knowledge. You can also have your "Edu-watch" remind you to brush your teeth, track your nutrition, monitor sleep patterns, save your preferences & call out your next appointments. How this watch works is simple: you use your personal voice and eye scan to tell it any personal info to remind you about or to pull from the internet. It has access to the ubiquitous internet for millions of lessons from preschool to adult content, entertainment, news, etc. All your secure info is stored in the cloud & accessed only by your voice & eye recognition software built into Edu-Band. The small light projects the holographic lessons or reminders in a 3D image.
Edu-band helps everyone at every age continue learning topics & the lessons stay with you longer for recall. All the content is more interesting in 3D images. People worldwide are smarter, more organized & solving real problems.