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Elderly Memory Extender

William J.


My grandpa was gone. Our fishing trips, his invaluable advice - all gone. But now he’s back, and better than ever. Many people lose relationships with loved ones to Alzheimer’s and dementia. My grandpa developed Alzheimer’s and although it didn't take his life, it took his memories, which nearly destroyed our relationship and his job.
I’m reporting from 2501 to tell you about EME. The EME is a pair of glasses that receives brain signals that your brain constantly emits. EME measures the brain wave’s frequency and wavelength to recognize important events. Then it records these events and stores them on its data chip. The chip is removed from the glasses and inserted into the brain of the patient when they develop a cognitive impairment.
My grandfather became Vice President in 2498 . In his first term he developed Alzheimer's and forgot many important life moments. Thankfully, he wore EME glasses throughout his life so he could have the chip implanted into his brain. This restored his memories of his political and personal life.
Surprisingly, you could have EME glasses in the near future. Theodore Berger, a neuroscientist at MIT, has already created something similar. He explained that memories are series of electrical pulses being generated by neurons, and using these pulses in brain chips, we can extend memories. With more programs like this, EME glasses could soon be a reality.
When the EME is invented, memories will be saved, and relationships with loved ones like my grandfather won’t have to suffer.