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Vanessa L.


When I visited the future I saw a better way of transportation. The electro car was all over Tomorrowland. It was the way people went from place to place.

The Electro- car is a high tech self-driving mobile developed for the future. It is basically a wide-L shaped figure with a rounded cover. Inside the electro car there is a command station which included a screen. On top of all that there is a small microphone and speaker for all the voice commands. The touch-screen will have a list of popular destinations, a key in pad if you want to type the address and a search engine. In the control panel there will be ONE button. That one button will control if the roof stays open or not. The rest of your commands will be by speaking. Once you're ready to start, all you have to say is “start” and then a lady or a male voice will reply “ok”. Before the vehicle starts moving a camera will scan everyone to make sure everyone has their seat belt on. If a person does not have their seat belt on a voice will say: “please fasten your seat belt”. Once everyone’s seat belt is finally fasten, your ready to go to your destination.

The Electro car, hovers slightly above the ground, making it smoother to move. It is powered by solar panels at the top+ a specially developed battery. All these things will be made out of recyclable materials.

So? What are you waiting for? Hop right in to the Electro car.