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Fake Arm with Real Feeling

Shae M.


As I open my eyes I start to see the blur of the future. Many thoughts were going through my head. Questions like, Where is my family? Where am I? and What has happened to me? Slowly I remember what happened. When I was working on a house one day a pice of wood crashed down on me. Then, everything went black. I then closed my eyes again in pur exhaustion. I could hear the nurse yelling for help because I had been awake. When I regained my strength, I asked her where my family was and where I was. She replyed with a slights sigh, "You my friend have been in a coma for years. Your family has passed, but with our technology you have lived." At that moment everything I knew was gone. I started to feel pain in my arm, so I looked at my arm. To my surprise I had a prosthetic arm. The wood had ruined my real arm and they had to replace it. This was no ordinary prosthetic. It was engineered so that I could still feel pain and have the sense of touch. They hooked it up by ptting a chip in my brain that sent out a signal telling a certain part of my brain that I had been touched. The arm was a robotic arm, that was made up of a similar technology as the motherboard in a computer. The arm was programed with a sample of my DNA and it new more about me than I did. This, I thought was the best arm I could ask for. Now I did not have to suffer with no feeling in my arm. I did not have to remember what the sense to touch was like.It was about time that someone had invented something to help regain the sense of touch. There is something to help everyone of your seances now.