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Alexandria R.


Imagination is a gift we should all be grateful for. How is it that we are able to stare at an object for a while and give life to that object, but only in our minds? It is also intriguing that we can store all kinds of fictional worlds in our diminutive brains and still be able to fit in more. Yet we’ve been unable to experience what it’s like to be in those worlds. To feel those emotions so vividly, to interact with the characters we all know so well, and to find a sense of belonging in their world. In the future, humanity has developed a system that has become a turning point in time. Fiction-into-Reality, a procedure where all of our worlds are transferred into flash drives. These flash drives are inserted into a computer, which will generate a program designed for this transfer. Computers analyze and save the information about the fictional world into the system. The system brings out a portal that acts as a “doorway” between reality and fiction. Information is transferred into the portal and stepping into the doorway transports you to the grounds of your fictional world. You become a real character within it. In the future, there’s been a surge in books and movies, more people sharing their experiences and children being inspired. In order to fast-track this invention, we must research more about the mind and advance computers and technology until there is a successful link between mind and technology.