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Filter of the Future

Rachel S.


When I arrived in the future, I landed on the sandy coast of California. Sunlight glistened off of a device near the coast. As I got closer I was witnessing saltwater being turned into fresh drinking water by solar energy. The device had two sections. One clear part allowed for the sun to evaporate the water from the salt water that rested in the bottom of that section. Then, the vapor traveled through a pipe filled with filters that eliminated any toxins that might have still existed and connected to a covered section where the vapor condensed and turned into clean drinking water. This required no energy input other than the sun’s rays. Once the sun set, the vapor was concentrated in the covered section and was closed off from the pipeline, allowing for all of the vapor to condense throughout the night.
California was no longer experiencing a drought. News headlines flashed with information about people in countries impacted by natural disasters that had fresh water because of the device. They were able to reconstruct everything much faster than in the year 2015. Millions of people in poor countries had access to fresh, purified water which reduced diseases and deaths among their populations and increased the living conditions in those countries. With a focus towards harnessing renewable resources and advances in engineering, combined with physical chemistry, this future may not be as far away as expected.