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finding living organisms on a different planet

Lucas A.


Have you ever wondered if we were the only ones out there? Well now we can really know for sure. The idea i have for the mission is simple. I think we will have it done by 2050. We can go ahead and start making rovers to launch to the different planets in our solar system, Set the course of which they will travel, And estimate the cost of the mission.
When The rovers make it to their destination, they will Take samples of the rock that thrive on the planet. We can then study those rocks and that will soon tell us how they were formed by what they are made of. This will tell us for sure if life can survive on any planet in our solar system. If we find proof of life in our solar system, It will change the course of history and the government can still keep their trust in space organizations. If we were to find life on a planet, it would probably be small, multicellular, still alive, adapts to nature, lives in a home, breeds, and most importantly breathes carbon dioxide or an air source. The living organisms don't have to live above ground! They can also live underground. It will take a long time for us humans to ever get out of our solar systems in a rocket because we would die because it takes to long to get there. But, we can still send probes to modify and take images of our gallexy and beyond. we are only a small part of our whole universe! Who knows what advanced technology's we will have in the future to help us push the limits.If we keep on doing our best to explore the natural world, be curious, and ask questions,it can be done!

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