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Forest drones

Ishita P.


My invention is a drone that keeps watch over the forests and animals. The drones will have certain cameras installed in them, and they will be able to hover over the forest or inside it if possible. The things on the cameras will be able to be seen by scientists and/or conservationists. By using certain tech, the drones will be able to keep animals safe from poachers and deforestation, as well as collapsing trees. By doing this, endangered and threatened species will be able to make a comeback. It will be beneficial to both humans and animals. Humans will not have to go search for certain animals to take them into custody. The drones may also be able to bring young orphaned animals and let humans take them into custody for just as long as needed. As soon as they are mature and grown enough to care for themselves and defend themselves, they will be released back into the wild. It will help animals because they will be safer. Also, less animals will die. Some drones may also be set to watch over the animals that were released into the wild until people are sure that the animals will be OK in the wild. By doing this, the animals will most likely not have to be taken into custody by humans. When taken into custody by humans, animals can forget how to use their instincts, or their instincts can also become weaker. The animals would be treated the same way as they would be in the wild, so they do not get used to humans. None of the animals will be kept in zoos. The drones will be updated frequently. They will also have a camouflage/cloaking tech so they can't be seen by animals.