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Full Immersion Virtual Reality

Mitchell T.


Hey guys, I’ll make this quick. When I arrived to future, I only saw machines and robots doing research and work nonstop to further advance the knowledge of the universe. I saw no human outside at all. When I asked a robot about the human condition, it stated since full immersion virtual reality (FIVR) was discovered, more and more humans favored that reality than physical reality until all humans favored cyberspace over reality. The increased rate of technological unemployment only furthered this desire. Basically, this is a achieved via a helmet-like device that uses the signals that the brain normally produces to the body and instead uses said signals for computer inputs on the avatar (basically, controlling the avatar with your mind). Also, the device controls the sensory information neurons send to one another, blocks them out, and instead overrides them with information from the computer simulation in order to achieve a FIVR effect. Finally, it does all of this in a noninvasive way (basically, not penetrating the skin in any way). Aided by near-strong AI, humans could then “live” in their fantasy and do whatever they wished. With that said, our current gen of tech won’t satisfy FIVR requirements.What we need to make this a reality is to advance our knowledge in neuroscience, AI, and computer science while Moore's Law takes care of the hardware portion. I've actually researched some progress with some of the features this device utilizes, so this can be possible. Use this information wisely and most importantly, don’t screw this up!