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Future Foods

Luke K.


When I woke up I was sitting on a park bench in the center of a city bustling with people. I realized I hadn't eaten since last night so I decided to walk into a diner called "Elias's Diner". I walked in and took a seat in one seats. I saw that that there were multiple buttons on the table that explained their system of food. I checked the menu and realized that all of the ingredients were long scientific terms that I couldn't understand shortened so people could understand it better. I pressed a button labeled 'info' and the computer explained to me that all of the chemicals used in the foods were safe for humans to have in the short-term and the long-run. These foods were made completely in labs but tasted delicious and did not make peoples body feel tired and fat after I ate it. The computer explained to me that these foods have decreased the chances of having any sickness around the globe and that because of how easy and cheap it is to make it, it has given all people food. Especially to people in war-torn countries, poverty, and tough living conditions. It also explained that it increased the rate of survival in many diseases and even better happiness on average around the world.-----Our world can start making this possible by stop making chemicals harmful to the body and studying chemicals that are safe and keeps you healthy instead of making you fat.