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Future Military Suits

Alfred B.


Military units in the future are well prepared for any strife that occurs. From wars to robbery - the new plated suit is viable for any situations. Titanium alloy, which is light and is stronger than steel, protects military units from blows to vital areas such as the head and chest. Vanadium is then used to strengthen and lighten the titanium thus making it more effective during battle. With the combination of these, the soldier becomes dramatically more advanced than any opponent's suits. The suit also features a built-in binocular that allows an advantage in long-range combat. This can be deactivated by using your voice. To prevent any malfunctions, only the person's voice can be used to deactivate his own suit's abilities/features. Another feature that this suit provides is gloves that allow the user to scale buildings that are in a 180 degree angle. How does this suit do this? Well electro adhesion is the answer. An example of this is when you rub a balloon against your hair and sticking it to the wall. Another feature is magnetic levitation. Magnetic levitation already exists and is used to levitate objects much heavier than a person. This will help soldier progress through tight passages. These are only some features that are in this suit.