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Future of Plastics| Smichine

Smit P.


Hello there, I am the inventor of Smichine, a revolutionary machine that changed the path of plastic forever. Before I explain to you what Smichine is, we have to go back few years, our planet looked like a giant ball of plastic, one could see plastic wastes everywhere and without a break-through there was no way earth could have survived and that is when Smichine was introduced to the public.

So what does Smichine do? Smichine takes in all sorts of plastics, and melts it down with dioxidide an acidic formula that is renewable, and then it extracts Oxygen and Fuel from the plastic. This process makes the plastic biodegradable and also the fuel it releases is Eco-friendly and very efficient. Smichine is helping us replenish all the oxygen we have lost and at same time it is also helping us clean up the environment.

Although Smichine is now helping us clean up the environment, it couldn't save all the species that went extinct due to the extreme use of plastics and its waste. If you are reading this before 2020 here is what you need to do, everyone must reduce, reuse and recycle all types of fossil fuel related matter, as you may not think it would have a significant impact right there and then, but in the long term it will have a huge impact on everyone.