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Future Thinkers

Sentyaset R.


"Tomorrow's gifts can only be achieved by today's struggle."

As I voyaged to Tomorrowland, I saw many achievements. Achievements of not only technology, but humanity in itself. In the future the invention that stood out the most was not one that can be built, but one one that has to be taught. The future's greatest achievement is teaching children to be thinkers and not clones. In today's time children all over the world are given an image of what they should be and are groomed to be exact clones. Then when these specifications are not met they are shut out or harassed by society for being "different."
In Tomorrowland such specifications do not exist. Instead of teaching children to be clones of something they are not,they teach them to be what they are. They are taught to be independent free thinkers which in turn allows civilization to grow and advance in non-imaginable ways. The invention of better teaching children what they can be and do when their minds are free is incomparable to any other invention that can be created. In order to prepare for this change in the future people need to stop holding children to ridiculous standards of what perfection is.
Another step to be taken is also to stop the discrimination against genders because once all children are educated will the world really be better because today's children are the true creators and founders of Tomorrowland