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Garbage to Gas

Aaron S.


I had gone to the future. There, there were a plethora of amazing machines working in all sorts of different ways, but one really caught my attention. It was a small device that could save human kind from the oil crisis. It was cylindrical in shape and was approximately six inches in diameter and four feet high. It was known as the Garbage To Gas Machine. It had a white body with green, vertical stripes running through it and blue and orange circles on the stripes. You would insert waste such as aluminum cans and dead batteries into the cylinder and the mechanisms inside would convert the matter into different chemical compounds, eventually into gasoline, and then the gas would power your car. In order for this to work, a hose at the bottom of the device would need to be securely inserted into the gas tank. After that, chemical reactions would occur, turning the garbage into gas. It is an everyday necessity for the people in the future, but in the past it would be an amazing new invention. With this new device in our grasps, we could now reverse engineer the compound into a great new substance for everyone to use.