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Giving the World a Bath (Solving Global Warming)

Jonathan R.


Throughout the world, pollution is everywhere. Pollution is present in our cities, our oceans, and in our air. In Beijing, the air is so polluted that it is unsafe for humans to travel without face masks. In our oceans, we have seen areas which are now called garbage patches. We cut down trees to make room for landfills, yet this problem remains unfixed. The science of climate started in the 1800s! For around 200 years, humanity has left pollution for the next generation to deal with, and we have. I remember seeing in the news how people were making cars that ran on water, cars that ran on electricity and even cars that ran on air! Millions of ways were created to lessen our creation of more pollution. However, when I traveled to the future we had made technology that removed all waste - everything that the past had built up. We gave the world a bath and we created air factories. These factories took in CO2 and other pollutants, and through a clever process broke them down to turn them back into clean air. What about the excess you may ask, do we just dump that somewhere else? No! Never again will humanity slowly destroy the home it relies on. The excess products are then balanced out, so to remove anything that could harm any living beings. The final product is then recycled and turned back into something we can use. From where we are now, the only way to create this future is to continue our research in this department. We must create a way to change carbon dioxide into oxygen with the use of harmless chemicals. Every action brings us to a future without pollution.