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Good Food

Ainsley H.


Hello, I'm Ainsley. If bee keepers have their own orchards for the bees to collect pollen, they could turn their honey into medical supplies. I live three years from when you are reading this now. Where I live, honey is produced in large quantities and bees are almost tame. Almost everybody in the U.S. owns honey for desserts, sales, and even machines (as a replacement for oil). But the biggest change is medicine. Since honey is slow moving, it wouldn't interact much with medicine. Sometimes, the medicine even crystalizes with the honey. Beekeepers sometimes make vitamin-enhanced honey by spraying flowers with liquid vitamins. The pollen absorbs it, and it is turned into honey by the bees. Each batch of medicine honey is tested by a doctor to prove safe. The vitamins are well-mixed and difficult to get out, so you can be sure you get a proper dose each time. Dessert is healthier, kids take their medicine without arguing, and everybody is happier and healthier with the new honey.

The end.