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Caroline F.


Breaking News

Hi, I’m Caroline from the Daily Newspaper. The breaking news for today is that I just got back from the future. I saw many wonderful and exciting inventions in the future, but the one I liked the most was a very interesting robot.

I discovered something called a HealthBot, which is a personalized robot to help you with your health needs. Each person has the option to purchase a HealthBot when they are born. In the future, instead of doctors working only with patients, they also help design these robots.

There are different types of HealthBots for different people. For example, if you have peanut allergies you have to have a special kind of HealthBot. Or if you have asthma, you have also have a special kind of HealthBot.

A normal HealthBot is used by people without special needs. For example, if you fell off a bike and sprained your wrist, instead of having to go to the Emergency Room, the HealthBot could give you an X-Ray right there and tell you what happened, and give you the right medication.

This is what I know so far about the HealthBot. I hope you find it interesting, too.