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Future Recycler

Renee K.


HI! I'm Renee and I just came back from Tomorrowland and I noticed there were no landfills and plenty of clean water and food available around the world. So I asked people why there was no garbage, and they all told me about this one big awesome project. The project is a trash can that uses enzymes, bacteria, and microbes, that take apart all the different parts of the trash and turns them into elements, basic compounds, fuel, and even clean water. This eliminates the need of destructive mining of our environment since everything is recycled and all the materials we need are already in use. Also with the advances in 3D printing, you can make anything you would want from our trash. This project has been started today where people use recycling bins then a machine separates plastic, aluminum, and paper. I hear there has been successful research on using nature; microbes, bacteria, and enzymes to breakdown wastes to make fuel. Currently there are some basic 3D printers that can make amazing things. When you go to Tomorrowland check it out and see how it works yourself!