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gianna t.


Have you ever wanted to not do your homework? Well now you don't have to with the new homeworkmachine10208. The new homeworkmachine10208 has many homework features such as a calculator with graphing abilities, a dictionary, and even a mobile computer (with free wifi) in the form of a phone. Unlike other computers, this one is touch screen! Just tap on the setting you want and get the answers to your homework. Even though it's a computer, you can also send text messages and phone calls.
You can customize it in any color you want to! Blue! Red! Pink! Green! You name it and it can be that color. It can even be rainbow. Also, you can change its size and shape (you can make it into a heart or a star for that matter!) And for those who love bedazzling, you can do that too!!! You can customize it however you want. The possibilities are endless! So get your homeworkmachine10208 now!