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Hover Boards and Flying Cars: Our Future

Lauren H.


When I see the future, I see children soaring around on hover boards with their friends. The hover boards would be powered by a small strip of solar panels surrounding the edges. Using solar panels would make the hover board eco friendly. Also, by using solar panels you would power it as you ride. The hover board would have vents on the sides to take in air and deposit it from the bottom, making the hover board float. The hover board would have the same power as an air compressor boosting you off of the ground.
Eventually the hover board would evolve to a flying car. The car would use the same technology as the hover board. The flying car would have solar panels on the roof and sound-proof windows so you could play your music as loud as you want without disturbing the peace. The windows of the flying car would be made of plexiglass making the windows safer.
With the hover boards and flying cars, children and adults could travel safely without harming the environment.