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Lydia S.


I'm back. You won't believe what I saw... a place with supernatural, shocking transportation! Electric cars are on the edge today, but there's so much more to come! Dome shaped hovercrafts soared above at supersonic speed. I craned my neck to see it all. I asked a man with bionic legs and arms, who was jumping the height of trees as he went down the street, about these machines in the sky. "The HoverCars are made of glass, thin film transistor material. I believe it's TFT-LCD," he continued. "This lightweight glass is made by robots in that tower!" he said, pointing at a magnificent building. I asked him how they floated. "Our buildings are constructed using this glass also, and strong positive magnets are inserted into the liquid mixture before it is hardened for construction. The same is done for the HoverCars. The magnets push away from each other, making the vehicles float while the buildings stay rooted to the ground." I was amazed! My gaze floated back to the sky. The flexi-glass transportation was incredible. No accidents. No traffic. Now, back to the present. How can this happen faster? I say we set up a testing station for this technology. Somehow, we need to manufacture these magnets, and insert them into the flexi-glass being made today. I was in the future, which soon will be the spectacular now!