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How Nano Bots Saved the World

Milan P.


The year is 2125. Believe it or not the world hasn't ended yet, shocker right? All aspects of technology have been completely clean and green for the past seventy five years and the earth is well on its way to reverting back to its previously lush and green state. Before humanity cleaned up their act we'd wiped out pretty much everything. Species were going extinct left and right, all the coal and oil reserves had been depleted, the pollution was so bad that the plants could no longer keep up with it. Instead of filtering the air trees and plants were just dying. Luckily, scientists managed to save the day. Nano technology had existed for a while but they finally figured out how to incorporate nano bots into biotechnology in 2050. Since then plants have been infused with nano bots in order to aid in life functions.The bots help filter the pollution out of the air taken in during photosynthesis (which allows the plants to breathe in the polluted air), correct mistakes made in the DNA, increase the rate of cellular reproduction, and fight diseases. Today humans live slightly off the ground. We use magnetic levitation to keep everything, including ourselves, from touching the earth while grass, trees, flowers, most every aspect of nature grows at fantastic rates with the aid of nano bots.