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How to solve the energy crisis and the drought.

Jake W.


"I think we've done it Jim " I said, " after 30 years, we've finally done it." We had gotten hydro-electric power from wells. Two weeks later, we revealed it to the world. "Hello everyone." I said, " today we would like to show you our idea, soon, every well in America will generate hydroelectric power. We call it hydrowell. A smart sensor is placed into every well and determines how much water is in the well,then that information is sent to the database in Boston. And then, when it rains, rain water is stored in pockets in the well, then after it stops raining, the water in the well drains and is replaced by the stored water. The drained water is converted to hydroelectric power in Boston. A portion of the water goes to areas of drought in the USA. The process then repeats, we really hope you like this." Soon we became rich and got awarded a Nobel Prize for our achievements. I think on this idea, we did very well.