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Human-like Animatronics

katianna b.


As you know, there are difficulties studying objects in our solar system. The temperatures on the planets are either too extreme or they are too far away. Also, the spacecraft can go out of the range of radio communication. My invention would solve most of these problems. It would be a 100 percent human-like animatronic to fly to the planets by themselves.
These animatronics will make studying space a whole lot easier. My animatronics will need air, food, and water. Another thing that will be human-like about them is that they will need exercise, clean clothes, and baths. Similarly to humans, they will die after 90 years or so. They can come in any color, shape, or size. When humans stay in zero gravity for too long, they can be affected. My animatronics would experience these exact same problems when they get back to Earth. They will be able to withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees fahrenheit and -600 degrees fahrenheit. Finally, the animatronics would have test tubes, storage, and arms to gather materials and test the materials inside of their bodies.
People can help make my dream a reality by continuing to improve technology. My dream should be put out into the open so we can start working on it now. Without an open mind, my animatronics will never be possible. Finally, they will make astronomy so much easier. The goal is to send animatronics to see how humans could live in space and to study space.