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HW Checker

Jenelle W.


Children, are you tired of checking your work after you are done? Are you tired of bugging your parents for help? Are you tired of long lines waiting for the teacher to help you correct your HW? Do you want more candy? Well, your future is looking brighter. The HW Checker can help. You slide it into the machine. It's preprogrammed with all the knowledge from top teachers in math, science, top writers and thinkers. It checks your HW, then if the problems are all correct you get a piece of candy. If your problems are wrong, the HW Checker spits it out and shows you what you got wrong. This machine is only cheap for this month! 15 dollars is all you pay for one HW Checker and it checks papers really fast. It will last forever and never runs out. This thing is almost out so kids buy it quick or more work for you!