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Hybrid Intelligence



Have you ever imagined what it would be like in the future. Would people zoom by in flying cars or jetpacks, would we co-exist with aliens. Well, I went to the future and I saw hybrid creatures walking alongside humans. I went to the Tomorrowland Genetic Engineering Center to ask how these hybrids came to be. The scientist told me that by combining the cells of two different species before the creatures were fully developed, they were able to create these hybrids. I saw humans being able to use photosynthesis and other hybrids. I asked if it they were a threat but they said there was nothing to worry about. By manipulating some parts of their brain they made them more civilized and less hostile. In fact, by studying how these different cells combined made these hybrids healthier, scientist were able to cure almost all diseases. These hybrids also helped us discover more about Earth. While now only 4% of Earths oceans is known, it is now completely explored. Some hybrids are bioluminescent and able to withstand all the zones of the ocean. They also helped terraform Mars and other planets. Hybrids not only helped us scientifically, but also helped unite humanity leading to the greatest minds working together to create an even more advanced Tomorrowland. We learned how to communicate with animals and insects by combining their brains. Once the time comes everyone will be able to see what I just saw... the future, or better known as Tomorrowland.