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Hydro-Electric Generator

Nathan S.


The year is 2050, five years since all fossil fuels ran out! But the engineers and scientist of the future collaborated and created the hydro-electric generator (HEG).
By harvesting the infinite energy of ocean waves, the HEG generates energy. Unlike your modern day dams, the HEG generates 10x the energy through kinetic friction. HEG is powering the high tech schools, homes, businesses and factories of the future world. You can say it has a “high voltage” effect!
By the waves pushing and spinning the omni-direction, fan like propellers they create the friction that is then turned into our energy.
Oh yes, one last thing, guess how I got here? By car, not just a non-eco-friendly gasoline powered car but a HEG powered car. This is how all cars are powered in the future.
You did good Earth! You did good.