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iGOD – God in the Making…

Dhruv M.


In Tomorrowland, which I choose not to look too far from where we are now, I saw a mind-blowing integration of Silicon and Molecular Biology such that humans have become nearly immortal - almost "God". At their birth, children get embedded with an electronic device that contains a unique signature and tracks the body as it evolves.

There are numerous specialized health care facilities that are capable of providing the care suiting to an individual’s needs. Any disorder gets detected before it develops into an incurable disease and is mitigated by artificial regeneration of damaged and/or defective organ/tissue.

We humans have so far been tracking our evolution based upon historical facts or by theorizing other scientific observations. In Tomorrowland, this is done by using “iGOD” which help facilitate regular health checks and monitor all aspects of body, correlate the results against individual family genetic history and well known published studies. And, before diseases are developed, treatments are performed. The real-time analysis of symptoms as they get developed could help contain the diseases in time thereby prolonging the average lifetime of a human being.

To make this happen, First we have to make brilliant scientist and biologist’s minds come together and help adapt silicon with human molecular biology. Second, centralized databases are created in order to collect and correlate information together. Third, government and religious institutions have to build collaborative policies keeping in mind privacy and sensitivity of such a controversial matter.