imagine a place where nothing is impossible.

create tomorrowland



brianna c.


imagiets look like glasses but do far more. there are brain wave sensory chips at the end of the glasses. these brain wave chips or BWC's read your brain waves and stream the to the projectors on the side of the glasses, allowing you to project what you see in your head if you chose, great for those who aren't as artistic as others. the BWC'S can also record what you see through out the day and your dreams, which comes in handy for the busy college students and when trying to explain what you saw at a crime scenes. these chips also show when your lying or not, which has come in handy with all the new inventions to make sure the inventors who claim they came up with the invention actually did. the BWC's can also alert you when something is wrong with your body for instant's if you where starting to get cancer or atmosphere poisoning. imagiets have come help so many in the future I hope they help just as many in todays time.