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In-body Defibrillator

Erhumwunse E.


Heart disease is the main cause of death in America. Atrial fibrillation, for example, is an issue in the heart where the atria are beating faster than the ventricles. Thanks to atrial fibrillation the risk of stroke is increased. This can lead to possible death. My idea is to prevent an incident like that from happening. My invention is a small cell size piece of machinery that can absorb kinetic energy and release electric energy. The chip will be inserted straight into the circulatory system and will attach to the wall of either a vein or an artery. When the circulatory atrial fibrillation does cause an artery to clog up the chip will detach from the wall and wait to detect a heart cell. Once it does it will reattach to the heart. After it does it will send an electric current through the heart, mimicking a defibrillator.