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Infinite Energy, Infinite Possibilities

Kenny K.


I’ve seen a world that defies perceptions of our current day. An innovation that pushes the boundaries of physics to its limits, opening up a society to revolutionary methods of reexamining the environment. The idea behind this revolves around the concept that energy cannot be created or destroyed. In this world, people have the ability to harness excess energy to an efficiency that surpasses anything in our modern society. One hundred percent of the energy emitted from our surroundings can be converted into other forms, unlike today’s solar panels, thermoelectric generators, and wind turbines that only capture a small fraction.
Although this invention may seem insignificant in comparison to the world of science fiction, it has advanced the people of the future by enabling them to manipulate the capabilities of mother nature. The scientists and engineers of this generation have extracted thermal energy from the air to regulate world climates, used mechanical energy from earthquakes to power cities, and even eradicated the need for fossil fuels, creating a new age of unpolluted skies.
If theres anything I learned from this trip, it’s that innovation does not rely solely on the “different”. The children of today can only hope to see a progressive future by tackling problems at a new angle. Innovation can be found through overcoming our existing limitations, further expanding our potential to move forward as a species.