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Injectable Health Monitoring Chips – Healthy, Disease

Corey S.


I have been to Tomorrowland and found that no one there ever gets sick! There are no diseases or illnesses, no cancers, and the average lifespan of a person is 134 years!

The reason for this amazing advancement in health care comes from implantable health chips that are injected into people at birth and monitor all body functions during their lifetime. The chip serves as an advance warning system that interface with their medical professionals computers to monitor, diagnose, and treat illnesses in real time before they manifest themselves.

In Tomorrowland, I couldn’t even catch a cold, because my health chip alerted my doctor before I even knew I was getting sick, and the doctor prescribed personalized medications made especially for me to stop the cold from catching.

Another amazing thing I saw in Tomorrowland was Smart Medications. There were no off-the-shelf or prescription medications any longer. All treatments were custom-created for each patient based on their needs, age, and body type. These new Smart Medications were created in the precise dosage to alleviate all diseases, illnesses or cancers before they began to take hold.

As inhabitants of Earth in 2015, we must continue to push the boundaries of biomedical technologies, monitoring and delivery systems, to give people healthier, happier, and longer lives free from disease or illness. Tomorrowland was amazing. It was a dream come true.