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Internal Body Scanner

Rebecca M.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistics from the 21st century, approximately 735,000 Americans suffered a heart attack every year, 800,000 strokes, and 8 million deaths globally were attributed to cancer. According to the National Diabetes Association, in 2012, 1.25 million Americans had Type 1 Diabetes. A study on Parkinson’s Disease indicated that deep brain stimulation therapy was administered to a patient using electrical shocks to the brain, which blocked abnormal brain signals that caused Parkinson’s. These wires were inside of the body and were controlled with an outside remote device. This technology was adapted to create something new and more effective for diseases other than just Parkinson’s.

Since those difficult times of using needles for drawing blood for tests and injections, and the difficulties of stroke and heart disease, we have thankfully developed a system that can detect cancers, the possibility of stroke, and stop heart attacks, while also being capable of contacting the paramedics. A tiny device, created using nanotechnology, is placed inside of the body and contains insulin that can be administered using an external remote, as well as aspirin to assist in heart attacks. This little device can conduct blood tests and determine glucose levels for diabetics. It can detect abnormalities, such as cancerous growths in the body and the likelihood of a stroke. This replaces the use of needles, avoiding needle anxiety and phobias while making it possible to contact the paramedics more efficiently.