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iSEE Helps uSEE

Sanjay S.


In the year 2015, over 30 million people are blind, but when I traveled 15 years into the future, I saw that blindness is no longer a limitation. I had combined my interests in robotics and medicine and invented iSEE, a robotic eye, which allowed the blind to see.

I saw myself placing the robotic eye inside the original eye socket of a child and an adult. I also inserted a transmitter to send data directly to the brain.

The robotic eye consisted of several microscopic cameras and motors to rotate the eye. It could also zoom in to objects miles away. A person born blind and a person who is severely visually impaired later in life could both benefit from this invention. The robotic eye was replaced with larger sizes as a child grew.

In many ways, the iSEE was even better than natural eyes. This eye did not degrade over time like a natural eye. You could even choose your eye color. The replacement eye could also see more colors and detect how far away an object is using an ultrasonic sensor, which made it an ideal tool for many scientific and everyday applications.

By creating the robotic eye, I had changed the way humans see and given visually impaired patients a chance to experience the beauty of the world around them. iSEE certainly makes seeing easy!

“Seeing is believing” and having seen this future, I know I must keep working on my robotics skills to create this technology in the future.