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Drake M.


Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just traveled to the future. Reach into your right pocket, and pull out the phone that’s in there. You’ll notice it’s changed a bit from your current one. It’s thinner, lighter and faster, but the biggest difference of all? The phone is made of see through glass!
Now tap it to turn it on, it has 100%, as it will for about a month. By now you should have noticed another difference. The six squares in a grid pattern on the display of the phone. Now put your fingers on the back and front of the phone in one of the corner squares (there are four corner squares, you can chose any one you want) and pull. It should pull away from the other squares like a magnet.
So now you have five squares in an awkward L shaped thing…you can set that aside. You also have this one inch by one inch square that can act as a smart watch (if you have a band for it).
You can collect as many of these squares as you want or as few as you want. You could collect fifty of them to make a TV or nine of them to make a tablet. (And you can always be carrying a few on the go in case of emergency video watching.) The squares, or iSquares as they’re called, are fun and easy to use, and make the future a better place.