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Key-less Key

Riley L.


One night, I was watching a video online about the inventions that the person thought need to exist in the future. I thought it was a cool idea, and I started to wonder, what if I could invent something life changing? What if that was me? I pondered the subject as I drifted off. Suddenly, I saw a young woman that looked like me, carrying groceries toward her front door. She couldn't seem to find her keys, which must have been buried in her purse. She struggled to unlock and open her door with full hands. Before I knew it, I was awake. The dream I experienced made me think of the video I had watched. Then, it came to me! In the future, I'm going to need an invention like this, the key-less key. How it works is sort of like the keys that some modern cars have, the key senses your car and unlocks it when the key is brought closer to the car. What if our house keys could do the same? Instead of fumbling around with your keys while carrying groceries and such, the key could be in your pocket/purse etc. and automatically unlock your front door within 3 feet of it. Or maybe even better, it could open the door! Today this invention might be just a dream, but who says I can't make it a reality tomorrow?