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Minh H.


“What would you do if your loved one was born with an expiration date or were told they only had a few years, months, weeks, days, or even hours left to live?”
I was broadcasting to every media outlet around the world my finding in the year 2138, an invention that has saved lives then, and will now save many more.
“I am reporting for the Medicine of the Future organization, which as you know has finished a time machine some time ago and today I come with the fruits of their labor.”
The crowd roared with excitement, as I would presume is happening throughout the world.
“I came across an amazing machine in the year 2138, one they fittingly called Life. It would scan a patient, analyze their DNA and body composition and compare it to normal readings. If there is an error in the DNA, pin point accurate technology allows the machine to correct the DNA. Let’s say you are blind, laser technology will dispose of faulty parts and stem cell 3D printing will replace them. This technology is also applicable on terminal cancer or disease patients.”
Tears rushed down my face.
“We have the technology to create this today! You know what took us so long? War! We will spend trillions of dollars perfecting killing than saving lives. Petty differences that blind us from the fact that we are all human! If we cannot join together as a species to save ourselves, do we even deserve Life?”