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Lost Child System

Livia H.


My idea for the future is to make sure no children get lost. What I came up with is a chip to put in a bracelet or necklace or even a toy that tracks down your child wherever they are if they get lost. I decided to call my chip the LCS (lost child system). You can put this chip in anything you know your child will hold on to. This special chip doesn't just track down your children but also if they get lost LCS will show your parents phone number to any one trying to help the child find their way back to their parents. LCS will set and alarm on your mobile device when you are far from your child/ childeren. This will let the parent know that their children are too far and will show the way to the child. You can also put your child's name and age into LCS so if your child is younger it will notify you as soon as possible, but if your child is older it will notify you when LCS knows that your child is missing. If you would like you can even use LCS to track down your pets if they go missing. No need for missing signs because with LCS you can find your way back to your pet. LCS can tell or show you directions to your child or pet. It can also show your children where you are. LCS can even sense when your child/pet gets hurt, is in pain, or screaming... Probably for help. With LCS you can make sure you never loose your child or pet ever again. You can also make sure you child/pet is not hurt. About 800,000 children go missing each year. In the future I'm sure LCS can move that number down. I am very happy with what I have come up with and I really hope it can help many people.