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Kate E.


I’m reporting back from the future to tell you about an amazing invention called “M-SCAN”. This device scans your entire body and tells you what is abnormal or wrong physically, chemically or otherwise in less than 10 seconds. You just step into the cylinder and the device swirls around your body checking temperature, blood, cells, muscles, joints, nerves, organs, & bones to assess if anything is wrong or abnormal and where it is. M-SCAN can immediately identify illnesses, diseases, cancer, joint problems, broken bones, spurs, marrow issues and pain. The scan does not hurt at all, but can detect health issues early for treatment. Or pinpoint where the pain is in your intestine or wrist. Or find the infectious cells in your body. Plus, you can see changes from your last scan to show progression. M-SCAN saves millions of dollars and time replacing examinations and medical tests. It locates a problem immediately.
M-SCAN looks like the X-ray cylinder in airports but has monitors and sensors to quickly gather blood info, organ data, body temperature, cell formations, pictures, etc . It uses tiny waves to capture nanoscopic info about your blood, cells and more to identify whatever is wrong. It’s combining x-ray, ultrasound and sensors to printout internal pictures, check cell status, diagnose blood, & highlight issues.
People in 2015 need to improve the sensitivity on medical monitors to capture blood, nerve & cell level data; evolve high resolution internal body pictures; and speed the processing of this information.