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Medical Miracles of the Future!

Justyn M.


I have come from the future to report to you what tomorrow holds for earth and the people living within its society. In the future of planet earth, we are an advanced technological society with a great expanse of knowledge. One of the most progressive categories we have is in the division of health and medicine. The most beneficial invention in this subject is known as the Alleviate Pod. The Alleviate Pod is a very complex but simple to use machine that repairs any injuries or harm done to the human body. It’s constructed from an indestructible glass material and is in the shape of an oval. The top part opens up when the button is pressed. This then reveals a metal device that comes out like a cord and clamps around the waist of a patient, which then brings them into the pod and the top is closed. The patient is then injected with a serum that is similar to general anesthesia so they don’t feel any pain. The Alleviate Pod contains all the necessary supplies needed to repair anything from a small wound to a broken spinal cord. This process is very quick and is done in the shortest amount of time possible no matter how severe the injury. The pod then opens and releases the patient. Combining the use of technology and medicine can help you to progress in the making of this wondrous invention. This machine has impacted our people by saving millions of lives.