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Emma N.


The most amazing thing about the future was how many memories everybody had. At the age of around a few months to a year old everybody would get a microchip implanted into their brain. This microchip would let them remember memories (just like regular memories for this time and age) that were fuzzy, yet knowledgable. You could go up to anyone person and ask them what they liked most about being a two year old. The technology they used was just the same as a computer memory chip. The engineering of this chip was quite advanced because it would have to hook up or connect with the brain. Science and mathematics were a big part. The science of how the brain functions helped them connect the brain to the microchip. Mathematics was used to calculate just the right way to put the chip into the head and onto the brain so that it wouldn't damage or hurt the person. The memory chip from the future helped quite a bit by letting people remember the bad things that happened in the world so that they don't happen again. And to let yourself remember all the people you had in your life, and the special things you did with them.