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Mind to Reality helmet

Taia L.


This invention would be able to look into your thoughts. Any thing you can think of but can't put into words or draw, it will for you. Imagine that you want to create your own fashion that is completely made of recycled materials but you don't know how draw it. It will read what you're thinking and draw it for you and then help you create the design and help choose the material. Or think what if you want to make an app to help rescue pets be adopted. It will help creating the codding and app design. The invention is just a helmet that connects to the computer. Picture a helmet similar to a motorcycle one that connects to the computer through a wire or wirelessly. When you open a program on your computer it can open up sections within the program. A sketch page, coding, writing for stories, and anything you can think of. It runs on your ideas, your imagination, and your will to change the world. With this you can make anything a reality to help change this world for the better and bring it to the future.