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Multi Purpose Solar Power Watch

Austin L.


You might be thinking, Why a watch? We all got those already. It's not an ordinary watch. Everyone these days need to keep track of time because we need to be on time for school, work, visiting a friend's house, etc. What's cool about this watch is that it give you the sun's power making you faster and stronger like the speed of light. The watch also gives you the power to teleport to places(so now everyone is on time. Not only do we have watches but we can just teleport so we "have all the time in the world''). Another cool feature is that you can never lose the watch due to its teleportation feature. Now you might be thinking how can a watch teleport by its own? Well the answer is simple. The watch has a artificial intelligence so the watch knows when to activate certain features. The watch is linked to you so it can read your mind and can speak to your mind. Superpowers are possible in the future and so is traveling overseas without a paying a single penny because why do you need airplanes or ships if you can simply teleport there in less than a second. This watch can also time travel so it needs to use any power source that available. This watch can also be used to communicate like a cell phone. When stranded this watch is helpful because you will never starve due to photosynthesis(yes humans can do that now).