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Nanotechnology Coating That Attracts Air-borne Water

Lauren P.


I have returned from the future to report to you the very thing that will save us!

This is a nanotechnology surface coating that attracts air-borne water molecules. This technology will provide clean drinking water in an age of global environmental drought. This surface coating will be installed on items with high natural air volume exposure. Water from these surfaces will be collected and routed into a local storage system.
Wind turbine blades, automobiles, residential and building surfaces, and aircraft would have these surface coatings installed on them.

For example: An electric vehicle would collect water during its commute and deposit the water in a residential tank via a combination of charge cable and collection tube.

An airplane would deposit the water collected in flight to supply the airport facility.

Commercial installations would utilize their water collected to support economic operations and excess water would be dispersed via a regional distribution network.

Surface coatings on the blades of wind turbines would collect water for distribution in rural/less densely populated areas.

These would work by attracting water vapor in the air by using a vacuum-like mechanism to pull the water out of the surrounding air and using a cooling source to condense it. The water would not need purification because when water is in its vaporous state, it has no impurities. If you were to catch the water in this state and condense it, it would be completely clean.

The amazing thing is, all this is going on without us seeing it happening.