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Nanotechnology: The Key to Survival

Cyril A.


To: Walt Disney World & XPrize
From: The Future

Journal Entry #44 12/5/9701

I am writing this so that humanity can be saved. I was warned doing so will have severe consequences in the space time continuum, but I know that this is meant to be. If humanity is to have a future, this has to happen. Nanotechnology is a kind of technology that was developed here in Tomorrowland. In order to save Earth, this new technology has to emerge on Earth earlier than present. This is my attempt to warn you. Nanorobotics involves robotic mechanisms at the molecular scale that interact together in a large number. These robots can exist in human cells, building materials, or practically anything else. This technology helped make an ecofriendly planet, self-healing infrastructure, and sophisticated medical advances possible in the future. Nanotechnology needs to be implemented by 3050 in order to prevent collateral damage to the planet. I cannot tell you what the future holds, but I am desperate enough to contact you. Your current generation might not be able to accomplish this goal but the next generations have to. That is why your only hope is to increase emphasis and interest in S.T.E.A.M now so our future will be able to succeed in your footprints. There needs to be more investment in the field of science and discovery. The next pioneers in the field of nanotechnology must be able continue your research. The future must develop now.