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Never Forget Me

Brooke K.


The amazing innovation in the future that I want to share with you is the restored memory pill and computer lens system. This marvelous system works together to store all your memories, so due to accidents, strokes, aging or disease. People are able to store their best memories like birthdays, graduations, vacations, family reunions and more. The memories that people want to leave to the next generation. This system allows us to play back other people's memories. Also we are able to learn so much and receive so much joy from someone that is no longer with us. This system had been especially rewarding for researchers, their work is not lost but is being built on by the next generation. Skilled artist and the gifted talents of many are not lost but continues on. To fast track this creation research must continue on creating a microscope computer with lens that fits on an individual's eyes much like contact lens. The computer lens records all images, thoughts, feelings, actions, memories and individual has take a pill with the appropriate chemical composition that is deposited in the eyes and brain. The computer lens on the eyes works much like a video camera picking up the chemical in the eyes and turning them into images. The playback of the events can be in anyones brain at anytime. Memory is the future.