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New Power

Jared B.


My name is Jared. “The world is going to get better”, I’ve always said to myself. I’ve been to the future and let me tell you it’s true. I can’t tell you how I got there, because of paradoxes and all that, but I can tell you of an amazing thing that I discovered there. I went to the year 2080 and the first thing I saw was a billboard near a highway, for a new car. Guess what it doesn’t run on, fossil fuels. Renewable energies had become the dominant source of energy by just 2050. I was told this by the man who picked me up. As we approached a city, I noticed the huge fields filled with solar panels. It was the main source of power for the city. It was amazing how far we came and how clean everything was. We got to the city and it was an amazing sight. Solar panels on the sides of buildings and one on every street light. It was the most amazing thing I have ever see. I told the man I needed to go back to my time, he was calm about it, then said remember to drive here today. I realized, the man was me. Before I could ask questions, I was back in the present, and now I have to get this out before I go back to ensure people we do have a better tomorrow. I have to go, but see you next time.