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NoBO Clothes!

Joshua H.


What’s one of the worst things about going on trips? Having to pack a ton of clothes because they start to smell foul after a few hours. Especially so when you go to an event where you have to wear a team jersey or company polo. Then you have to pack even MORE clothes! In the future, mankind invents clothing that doesn’t retain body odor, eliminating the need to carry spare clothes. NoBO! (No Body Oder) Let’s go over the science. So what we call “body odor” is actually created by propionibacteria which break natural amino acids down into propionic acid, which is what gives off the foul stench. So what we have to do is infuse our clothes with propionic acid eating bacteria, thus keeping the cloth from retaining the stench. There have been major breakthroughs in microbiology recently, all we need to do is find the right bacterium for the job! Then when you travel, you don’t have to take any spare clothes! Also, subways will be much more pleasant.