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Ocean Farming: The Future of Food

Katrina S.


Dear people of the present: your future is certainly bright due to a new method of genetically modifying crops to grow in the ocean!

Let me explain: farming food for the world’s population presented challenges in your lifetime. There wasn't enough fertile farmland to grow the massive quantities of food required to feed a rapidly expanding population.

This is solved in the future with ocean farming! Scientists speculated since 2/3 of our earth is ocean water, we could easily reclaim enough surface area of the ocean to grow and sustain crops. Future farming genetically modifies plants so they can intake and desalinize the salt water, while simultaneously processing nutrients from the ocean. Roots of these modified plants are stable and disease resistant. Plants can stand up to all kinds of weathering and storms, and do not require chemicals to keep them healthy.

Crops are now grown around borders of continents, in closer proximity to the highest concentration of people. This reduces the space and energy needed for food transportation. Efficient ocean farming now frees up enough clean water to satisfy our enormous population.

Genetically modifying plants to thrive on the surface of the ocean has eliminated all of your farming related problems. Your plant biologists can quickly put you on a path towards ocean farming today. The world has become a cleaner, more energy efficient, and healthier place because of it!