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Oxygen Phone Charger

Kelei B.


My new invention is a phone charger that runs off of oxygen. First you get your phone charger and plug it into the face mask that covers your mouth and nose. You then simply breathe and the mask will have certain technology that translates oxygen into electricity, thus charging your phone. It also has an adjustable strap so it can give everyone a perfect fit, even children.
There are many reasons why people should get, will need, and why this is better than other chargers and portable chargers. The first reason why people need this, is because it is so much easier than using a regular charger. You have to find an outlet or leave your phone in the car to charge it. So it makes it so much easier by getting an oxygen charger. You put the mask on, breath into it, and it quickly charges your phone.
Secondly, people ask why do I need this when I can buy a portable charger. Well, I'll tell you why. Unlike a portable charger, my oxygen charger runs on pure oxygen so therefore the mask does not need to be charged. On the other hand, a portable charger needs to be charged, because the charger needs energy to give off to the phone for it to power up. The oxygen charger runs off of you, so that's basically saying you need to charge yourself for the mask to work.
Lastly, someone might say what if I don't want to wear it around. My answer would simply be the mask comes in all different shapes, sizes,a nd colors. I can make a website where you can customize your own charger. Put whatever size, shape, color, and any design or words on it.